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December 2021

Cardboard, Paper, Acrylic Mirrors, Smartphone

Tinycade is a platform crafted to encourage the development of unique interfaces for interacting with video games. Through this DIY method, one can create functioning game controllers out of affordable common household items. By utilizing computer vision (CV) markers, anyone can make a variety of controller inputs without needing to worry about electrical components or expensive materials.

The only technological component of Tinycade is a smartphone, which doubles as a detector for the CV markers and as the screen for playing games. The primarily cardboard design allows for rapid prototyping, creating a low barrier of entry for anyone to explore the process of creating alternative game controllers. Currently, three video games have been developed for this project: CLAW, Lightcycles, and Cyber Hockey. These games can be played with controls made using only cardboard, toothpicks, paper, foam, and magnets.

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