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October 2019

Wood, Paper, Neopixels

This lantern's name stems from the secretive layers that comprise it. In a bright environment, the paper naturally blocks enough light to hide the patterns underneath, giving the illusion of normalcy. However, when darkness closes in, the lantern ignites, revealing its hidden facets. The lantern's true nature is exposed by lights that are constantly changing their color, representing a myriad of momentary personalities. 

Hidden Faces was created as a self-reflection and an interpretation of the common conception that we are all putting on a façade in society. There is a weak exterior shielding our true self from prying eyes. Beneath that thin shell lies the super-structure critical to maintaining the shape of our being. Yet that structure is only partially intact, and it is often torn, cracked, and scarred. At the center lies the core of a person, expressed through their bright, colorful emotions. Together, these layers form a shining beacon that inspires confidence in the darkness of self-doubt.

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