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October 2021

Wood, Resin, Acrylic, PLA, Neopixels

There is value in approaching a problem from multiple perspectives. This duality in approach is depicted through the familiar struggle of solving a puzzle. Two characters, one an organic human, the other a mechanical mannequin, must work together if they wish to accomplish their shared task. Although they are from separate realms, they are connected in this space, and they must achieve harmony through trust and coordination. The future of our world is one in which the line between technology and humanity is erased in favor of mutually beneficial collaboration.

The Future of Problem Solving depicts a situation where both man and machine are mirrored in their position and their purpose. Yet our current relationship with technology is one of sheer subjugation; we use them solely to achieve our own purposes. Once machines reach a level of intelligence where they are self-conscious and sentient, will we still consider them as lesser than us? What will it take for us to embrace machines as beings with equal rights to that of a human?


This sculpture was recently featured at the Museum  of  Boulder  in  the  B.E.A.T.  exhibition:

Boulder Experiments in Art and Technology  (Oct 2021 - Feb 2022)

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